Antalya’s Best Sandy Beaches

Antalya has many sandy beaches. Here is an overview of our favorite sandy beaches in the region. We have included as many pictures, video tours and maps as possible to give you the best possible idea of what to expect. Keep reading to find out more! Kemer Beach Kemer is an amazing little holiday villageContinue reading “Antalya’s Best Sandy Beaches”

Konyaalti Beach – All You Need to Know

Konyaalti beach is a popular holiday destination in Antalya Turkey along the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean sea. It features a long pebble each which stretches from the center of Antalya’s city center all the way to the western outskirts. Here is all you need to know to make the best of your visit to Konyaalti Beach.

How Safe is Antalya for Travel?

Antalya is situated in Turkey. A diverse country with a history of coup attempts and ethnic tensions that shares its borders with war torn states. Despite these factors the Turkish tourism sector and that of Antalya in particular has shown strong growth in the last couple of years. So what is the safety risk in Antalya taking these factors in consideration?