Can You Swim in Antalya in May?

May is one of the best periods to visit Antalya. It is the perfect time to swim and enjoy other activities. Keep reading to find out what the best places are to swim in Antalya in May and much more!

Kaputas Beach


The weather in Antalya in May is perfect. For those visiting from Europe it’s a great way to experience summer a bit early. The great thing about the weather in May is that it’s warm enough, 26°+ C or 79°+ F, but not too warm yet. Making it the perfect time to enjoy the various activities that Antalya has to offer.

The sea temperature in May is 22° C or 72° F. Which is more than warm enough to swim comfortably and great to cool down from sunbathing.

Check out Antalya Weather – When is Best to Visit to find out all the details about the weather in Antalya.


Antalya offers may different types of beaches to swim. The city of Antalya offers two beaches. The sandy Lara Beach and the pebbly Konyaalti beach. If you insist on a sandy beach and would like to stay in an all-inclusive hotel we recommend Lara Beach. If you have no such requirements Konyaalti Beach is the better option. See Konyaalti Beach vs Lara Beach for a detailed comparison.

Outside of the city of Antalya there are many other amazing beaches that are worth visiting. Many of them are located near architectural and natural sites. Antalya is an amazing destination for a road trip along the Mediterranean coast to discover all its beautiful beaches. Check out Antalya’s Best Sandy Beaches do find out about some of Antalya’s best beaches.

Cirali Beach


May is a perfect time to enjoy the various activities that Antalya has to offer. There are various beach activities like parasailing and jet skiing which are on offer at the various beaches.

Antalya is also the home of many cultural activities. The Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods have all left their marks. There are various archeological sites like Termessos and Phaselis which are true hidden pearls that combine culture and leisure.


If you are looking for other great activities in Antalya we suggest you check out our article Top 10 Things to Do in Antalya.

There is More!

Antalya has many more things to offer. There are great shopping centers, amazing hotels and exquisite restaurants. If you are curious to find out more, we suggest you have a look at our Complete Guide to Your Antalya Holiday which features a comprehensive overview of everything that Antalya has to offer.

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