Top 10 Things to Do in Antalya

When most people think of Antalya they think of beaches and all-inclusive resorts. Antalya has so much more to offer! Here is our list of top 10 things to do in Antalya.

10. Antalya Aquarium

Antalya’s Aquarium is the first thing to do on our list. The aquarium offers many fun activities for all ages. Its main attraction is the 130 meter long aquarium tank. Apart from the various aquariums and fish tanks there is also a collection of tropical reptiles and a cinema.

Right next to the Aquarium there are a few options for snacks and a quick bite like McDonald’s and Mado. The Aquarium is located at only 70 meters from Konyaalti Beach.

Prices for the Aquarium start at $33 per adult.

Antalya Aquarium

9. Cable Car to Tunektepe

The next thing to do on our list is taking the cable car up to Tünektepe. This is a great opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of Antalya and its surroundings. The cable car will take you up to an elevation of around 600 meters. It takes around 15 minutes to get to the top.

At the top you will find a cafeteria where you can enjoy some snacks and tea while enjoying the views.

The price of the cable car is 15 Turkish Liras per adult and parking is 5 Turkish Liras if you decide to come by car.

The spectacular view from the cable car on the way up

8. Duden Waterfalls

The Düden waterfalls are another popular destination for those who are looking for spectacular views. Düden waterfalls consist of 2 parts, the lower Duden falls which are located right by the sea in Lara and the upper Duden falls.

The Lower Düden Falls consist largely of a park with various cafes and restaurants and a waterfall from the cliffs right into the Mediterranean sea. These falls are a must visit if you are in the Lara area.

Lower Düden Falls

The Upper Düden Falls are in a completely separate location and you will need a taxi to take you there. These waterfalls flow from a river into various lakes. Thanks to the abundance of water these falls allow for some nice refreshing coolness on Antalya’s hottest days together with an opportunity to take dramatic shots of the water flows.

The Upper Düden Falls also host a range of restaurants and bars right next to the water.

Upper Düden Falls

7. Antalya Museum

The Antalya Museum is an excellent museum which showcases the rich archeological history of the region. Here you will be able to see treasures and artifacts from the stone age, classical Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

You will find a vast collection of coins, mosaics, sarcophagi and marble statues. Antalya’s museum is a place you must visit if you wish to discover more of the rich history of the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Entrance prices are around 35 Turkish Lira per person. Tickets can be bought at the entrance.

Statue of Hercules at the Antalya Museum

6. Quad Safari

Quad safari tours a fun way to explore nature in a fun packed adventure. There are various mountainous areas around Antalya which make for a great quad experience. Personally we would recommend Adventure Quad Safari. Prices start at around 40 Dollars per adult. Pro tip: do not wear your best clothes as they will get dirty!

Quad Safari

5. The Land of Legends Theme Park and Water Park

The Land of Legends is Antalya’s equivalent of Disney Land. Except it is better because it’s also a huge water park!

The Land of Legends hosts of a theme park, water park, 5-star hotel, shopping mall, food court and multiple restaurants. With its wide variety of activities like swimming pools, water slides, rides and shows it is the ideal place to have loads of fun for all ages.

Prices start at around $60 per adult and $50 per child in the high season.

Land Of Legends

4. Lara Beach

Most people who visit Antalya do so to enjoy the amazing sun and beaches. If this is what you are looking for you definitely need to check out Lara Beach. Lara Beach is a long stretch of sandy beach which is located close to Antalya’s city center.

Lara beach has plenty of stuff to do. There are plenty of hotels at the beach front to choose from if you wish to stay in this area. At the beach you can enjoy other activities like parasailing and water sports.

Lara Beach is a 15 minute taxi ride from the popular Lara neighborhood. Lara has plenty of restaurants and shopping malls to spend your time if you’ve had enough of sunbathing.

Read our in depth article Lara Beach – All You Need to Know for more details.

Lara Beach

3. Konyaalti Beach Park

Konyaalti Beach Park has recently reopened in 2019. It is a beautiful park located at the heart of the city along the shores of Konyaalti beach. Konyaalti Beach Park is a long boulevard along the beach which is filled with various restaurants, cafes and bars.

The beach is largely a public beach but there are also a number of beach clubs where you will be able to rent a parasol and sunbed. The beach is a pebble beach, so we recommend you bring some sandals or water shoes to make your access to the water more comfortable.

Thanks to it’s central location Konyaalti beach park has an outstanding choice of things to do. There are loads of restaurants, Migros Shopping Center is just around the corner, loads of great hotels, Antalya’s Aquarium and even a water park.

Read our in depth article Konyaalti Beach – All You Need to Know for more details.

Konyaalti Beach Park

2. Termessos Ancient Ruins

One of the most amazing things to do in Antalya is visiting Termessos’ Ancient Ruins. Termessos is an ancient Psidian city that was built at an altitude of 1000 meters. Alexander the Great, who likened the city to an Eagle’s Nest, surrounded the city in 333 BC but ultimately failed to to conquer it.

Termessos is part of Antalya’s rich classical Greek history. What makes it special is its location. At an altitude of 1000 meters it is surrounded by mountain peaks and astonishing views. Due to its sudden remote location and sudden abandonment in 500 AD the ruins are in relatively good state.

Termessos can be reached by car or taxi in about 30 minutes. From the car park it’s a 30-60 minute hike up to the ruins depending on your physical fitness.

Termessos’ Ancient Theatre

1. Kaleici – Antalya’s Old Town

Our favorite thing to do in Antalya is visiting its Old Town, also known as Kaleiçi. Kaleiçi lies within the fortified walls which date from the Hellenistic period. One of the main entrances to the Old Town is Hadrian’s gate, which was built in name of the Roman Emperor Hadrian who visited the city in the year 130 AD.

Hadrian’s Gate

In Kaleiçi you will find small winding streets, traditional architecture, ruins, mosques, churches, traditional shops, terraces, bars and excellent restaurants. The terraces are popular among students giving it a dynamic vibe.

Some of our favorite restaurants are Il Vicino for the best pizza in town and Kaleiçi Meyhanesi for the best traditional Turkish and Mediterranean food and atmosphere.

If you follow the roads down hill you will end up at Antalya’s Marina where you can also buy a ticket for the various boat round trips.

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