Konyaalti Beach – All You Need to Know

Konyaalti beach is a popular holiday destination in Antalya Turkey along the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean sea. It features a long pebble each which stretches from the center of Antalya’s city center all the way to the western outskirts. Here is all you need to know to make the best of your visit to Konyaalti Beach in 2020.


Konyaalti beach is one of the two main beaches in Antalya, the other being Lara Beach. Of the two Konyaalti beach is located closest to the city center, making it the perfect spot for sunbathing for those who are staying in the city. It features a long stretch of pebble beach with parks, terraces, hotels, restaurants and bars. On a clear day there is an amazing view of the Taurus mountains.

Konyaalti Beach with the Taurus Mountains in the background

Public Beach

Konyaalti Beach is huge and is comprised from public beaches for the most part. Here you can use the showers and changing cabins that have been made available to the public. The Public beach is free which makes it a great option for those who want to enjoy the beach on a budget.

Boulevard along the public beach

Beach Clubs

Alternatively you can check out one of the many beach clubs that are to be found at Konyaalti Beach. These beach clubs offer sunbeds, food & drinks. A great choice if you want to be taken care of while sunbathing at the beach. Our personal favorite is Roxy Beach.

Antalya Beach Park

One of the best things about Konyaalti is Beach Park. It has reopened in 2019 and it has become a beautiful boulevard filled with an excellent choice of terraces. Here you will find bars, restaurants and cafés. An excellent place to spend your evenings after the beach!

Beach Park’s terraces and boulevard

Things to Do

Apart from sunbathing and swimming Konyaalti beach offers an outstanding choice of other activities.

Water sports

At Konyaalti beach you can choose from many different types of water sports to inject some adrenaline into your beach experience. You can go parasailing, jet skiing diving and more. The best place to go for water sports in our opinion is Watersports Konaalti Beach Park. Make sure your travel insurance covers such activities before you embark on them.


The great thing about Konyaalti beach is that it is very centrally located, opening up opportunities for all types of other activities after your day at the beach.

Shopping being one if them. One of the best malls in Antalya is located at walking distance from Konyaalti beach park. Migros shopping center has one of the widest selection of local and international brands in all of Antalya.

Migros Shopping Center Antalya

Water Park

If you are looking for water slides Konyaalti beach has you covered as well. Aqualand is a stone’s throw from the beach. Here you will find many pools and slides with food courts and bars. A perfect place for some excitement in the water for you and your family.

Aqualand Antalya


Opposite the water park is Antalya’s Aquarium. It is a large contemporary building which hosts many themed exhibits. Apart from the obvious fish exhibits there is a long tunnel tank, tropical reptiles and a few cafes and restaurants. There is a McDonald’s and a Mado near the entrance if you’re looking for a quick snack or an ice cream.

Antalya Aquarium

Bike and Scooter Rental

The long boulevard along the whole of Konyaalti Beach is a nice stretch for cycling and scooter riding. Various types of bicycles, electric bicycles and scooters are available for rent at shops near the beach. Our favorite is Mola Konsept Kahve & Bisiklet, which has an excellent choice of bikes and electric bikes. The prices are reasonable and there are also drinks and snacks.

How to Get There

Due to its central location Konyaalti beach is very easy to reach. If you’re staying near the old Town it’s a 30 minute walk, or a few minutes by taxi. There is also a tram that runs from the old Town to Konyaalti Beach. Either way, if you are more than a 30 minutes away on foot we would recommend you take a taxi there. Taxis are the simplest means of transport in Antalya for a reasonable price.

Places to Stay

Konyaalti Beach is an excellent place to spend your holidays. Here are our top 3 hotels in the area.

3. Crowne Plaza Antalya

Crowne Plaza Antalya is located right at the seafront of Konyaalti Beach. It is a large modern building that offers a luxurious 5-star accommodation. Crowne plaza has 3 restaurants and a spa center with gym. The rooms are modern and clean and the corner suites even have a Jacuzzi in the room with sea view.

Crowne Plaza Antalya

2. Hotel Su

Hotel Su is located near Antalya Beach Park and Aqualand. It is set in a modern white minimalist building. It features an indoor pool, outdoor pools and 6 restaurants. The outdoor pool has ample sun beds and a bar. The beach is at 150 meters from the property.

On the premises you will find a spa center with Turkish bath, sauna and massage rooms. There is also a gym on site for those who are looking for a workout. Aqualand is located right next to it with its 12 water slides, wave pool and children’s pool.

Hotel Su Antalya

1. Rixos Downtown

Rixos Downtown is by far our favorite hotel in the Konyaalti Beach area. It is set in the exotic gardens of Ataturk Culture Park overlooking the Konyaalti Beach, Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains.

Rixos is a very luxurious resort well worth its 5-star rating. It features 3 restaurants a lagoon-style pool, gym, spa center, tennis courts and much more. There is also a range of bars serving cocktails and snacks.

Rixos Downtown is not located directly at the beach but it is only a few minutes on foot by taking the lift or stairs down the cliffs right in front of the hotel. There is also a beach club available for guests. Ask at the reception for more details. In summer Rixos also offers a free shuttle bus service to the Land of Legends Theme Park.

Rixos Downtown Antalya

Places to Eat

Here are our Top 3 places to satisfy your hunger after a day at Konyaalti beach.

3. BigChefs Konyaalti

BigChefs Konyaalti has opened its doors in 2020. It was a popular restaurant in Lara that has now made its way to Konyaalti as well. BigChefs offers a huge selection of various international and Turkish dishes. From Mexican to Italian, the quality is excellent. It is located just across the road from the sea front.

BigChefs Nachos

2. My Meating Steak House

My Meating is a great choice if you are looking for a Steak House. It is located in Beach Park right at the boulevard. It has a nice terrace and offers a great choice of steaks and drinks and the service is excellent.

My Meating also offers an excellent Turkish breakfast. You have to try it if you haven’t yet. On occasion My Meating also hosts fun events on their upper floor like karaoke nights.

Turkish Breakfast at My Meating

1. La Rocca

Our favorite place in the Konyaalti Beach area is La Rocca. Like My Meating, it’s located at beach park. It offers a very wide selection of dishes, snacks and drinks. The quality of the dishes is excellent and the staff is very friendly and attentive.

La Rocca features a very large terrace making it an excellent place to have dinner followed by drinks. La Rocca also has a wide selection of water pipe tobaccos for those who fancy to try a Turkish water pipe.

La Rocca’s Terrace

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